Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last Minute Freak Out

Okay, so I'm all set to fly out to San Francisco in two days. My bike's already there so now all that's left is get me there safe and sound. I've been piling gear and clothes into the living room and double checking it against a list of stuff that I absolutely need for the weekend. I think I have everything, but seriously every so often I come up something to add to the pile. Luckily it's still a pretty small pile, but that's the thing about triathlon, it takes a lot less crap than one would think. Either way, I'm hoping by quadruple checking everything I don't forget any necessities.

In addition to the packing I've been spending quite a bit of time reading race reports from the past few years. All I know is that it's hilly. How hilly depends on which report I read. Either the hills are not that bad or they are totally gonna suck. Being a native flatlander, I'm not real sure what to expect. The bike leg is usually my strong suit, but I have a feeling these hills could humble me and make for a less than stellar run. Funny that I'm more worried about the bike than swimming a mile and a half in the frigid bay.

I thought about setting a time goal for myself, but without really knowing what to expect I figured I better not. I need to just relax, go out and have some fun, and enjoy a truly unique racing experience. Those always seem to be the best races when I go out without putting any pressure on myself. Buuuuuut........if I happen to come in under 2:40 that would be phenomenal ;)

See you on the other side of The Rock!


  1. 20:40:13 178th place ---- totally awesome!

  2. oooops 2:40:13 somebody needs to edit their comments!!!!