Friday, July 9, 2010

Ready for a fun weekend

Well, last weekend was fun and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got to spend time with family, played some mean whiffeball, and managed a fair amount of training.

This weekend will be a little different. This is another "confidence boosting" weekend. I have 2 races on tap, but instead of going in thoroughly fresh and prepared I plan on riding a century tomorrow before the fun gets started. I am likening this to coming into an IM run thoroughly worn out and tired and pushing through.

I still envision myself doing fairly well in Satuday's 10k and Sunday's sprint tri. A time over 42 minutes on Saturday and placing > than 3rd in my age group on Sunday will be disappointing. Man, I sound like a cocky sonofab@#&%, but I have a good feeling about things right now. I had a nice 80 miler last Saturday and felt great for my afternoon run. No reason things shouldn't feel the same this week. If not, I've got a good excuse, right?

Heading to bed soon. The drink bottles are mixed, the race wheels are ready for Sunday, and I really can't wait for the weekend. Should be a good time!

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