Friday, July 2, 2010

See ya June

Another month down, another month closer to Ironman. The month of June was a light month for me volume-wise due to the fact that I had to work in a taper and recovery period for the June 12th HIM I did. It was worth it though, as I crushed that race and met a long time goal of mine of going sub-5hrs.

I'm only now getting back up to speed and fully into the IM build so I am anticipating a much better July. Bike mileage is going to be insanely high with RAGBRAI (500 miles) the last week of the month. Conversely that ride, combined with a pool closure next week, will cause my swimming volume to be much lower. Running is getting back to where I need to be at this point. I started off with a 16 miler yesterday so I should have plenty of time to build to a long run of 20 miles before IM.

Anywho, quick post since I have an early morning date with my bike before heading to my parents place to spend some quality time with the family over the holiday weekend. Here's the month's totals:

Bike:22h 47m 02s - 454.03 Mi
Run:10h 03m 20s - 79.33 Mi
Swim:10h 42m 57s - 34858.81 Yd

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