Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back to Normal.......Finally

Well recovery from the Hollywood Half Marathon three weeks ago took much much longer than anticipated.  One week after the race I was scheduled to run a 10k but a short run that morning sent shooting pains up my calves so I wisely pulled the plug on that one.  A couple days later I tried again on Boston Marathon Monday.  I couldn't not run on that day, seeing as the whole goal of this season is to qualify for that race.  It wasn't a pretty run, but there was no shooting pains and I was able to grind out 5 miles. 

I took it slow the first week back as my calves were still protesting a bit, but by the time my long run rolled around I was feeling pretty good.  I knocked out 15 easy miles and discovered that peanut butter flavored GU is by far the best gel I've ever had.  It was good to feel normal again.  This week I crammed in 50 miles for my highest mileage week to date.  Along the way I had to make the tough choice of dropping out of the Drake Relays Half Marathon which was supposed to take place today.  After the slow recovery from the last one and the Capitol City Half marathon looming just a week away I didn't want to risk not being ready for that race. Turns out the weather was spectaculalry crappy this morning so I felt a lot better about the call I made.

This week will be a nice, easy dial back of the mileage before I depart for Columbus on Thursday.  The race itself is looking to be a fun time.  13,000 runners for three different distances.  Their website is touting 52 different musical along the way.  That's a lot to cram in!  The best part though, no 2 mile hill to end the race.  With that in mind I'd like to think that beating my time from 3 weeks is quite possible and I'm looking forward to trying to do just that.

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