Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's almost race time!

First race of the year is finally on the docket for this weekend.  After having to opt out of the New Orleans half in February I'm finally healthy enough to run and race this weekend and super excited to do so.

I hopping on the plane bright and early in the morning to head out to Washington DC.  I'll be visiting my sister and her family and just happened to get in to the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler.  It was the second time I've entered a race that had a lottery for entry (the first being escape from alcatraz three years ago) and the second time I've been selected. Maybe I should enter a lottery that's giving away money instead of essentially volunteering for a supervised pain session?

I'll embrace the pain like always though, especially since just a couple of months ago I was suffering the pain of injury.  A strained tendon in my foot sidelined me for much of the winter months, but since the end of February I've built my base back up from essentially nothing to hitting my first 40 mile week last week. After that build block I have been thoroughly enjoying the taper this week.  I needed the reduced mileage to recover a bit so I'm ready on Sunday. 

I've never run a 10 mile race before so the good news is that this will be a PR regardless of how I finish.  While my mileage is up I'm not sure my race legs will be under me or not.  I think I'll pace it like a half marathon and crank it up the last three miles if there's anything left in the tank.  That seems like a conservative approach, which I'm not really known for. Whatever happens it will sure be a fun romp around the capitol.

Short post. I'm off to bed soon.  Something about getting plenty sleep before a race and whatnot.

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