Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Long Recovery

Well it's been 3 weeks since the race in DC and I am only now beginning to feel back to normal.  Recovery from that one took way longer than expected.  These early season efforts on minimal training just take it out of me.  I felt pretty good the days following the race but still took three days off as a precaution.  When I did finally try to run tight hamstrings let me know I wasn't quite ready.

So more rest ensued.  I bailed on a 10k I was thinking about running while in Clear Lake visiting the folks, the second year in a row I've skipped it due to slow recovery from another race.  I did a few more test runs in between rain (and snow) showers that next week, but still was not feeling 100%. It was a little frustrating since in my mind I needed that week to continue building up mileage so I could comfortably start a marathon training plan the second week in May.  Eventually though you have to tell yourself that getting healthy is the most important thing to worry about.  It doesn't matter when you start a specific plan if you're not healthy enough to execute it.

Two weeks after the race I set out on my routine Sunday long run.  I had a decent short run the day before, but was pretty uncertain as to what the day would bring.  I still wasn't feeling all that great so I was ready to accept that the run could be 5 miles or 15 or somewhere in between if my hamstrings were still upset at me.  It's funny some times how the body will protest for so long, and then out of nowhere all the soreness you've been carrying around for the last couple of weeks just disappears.  I cranked out 14 miles that afternoon and felt great the entire time. I was back! Finally.

Following that run, I managed a decent week of workouts despite logging some long hours at work.  Today's long run went even better than last weeks.  I decided against racing again at the Drake Relays Half and instead just focused on putting in some quality miles.  I really didn't need to deal with another 2 week recovery so soon.  I am hoping that the next two weeks get me to where I need to be to comfortably start marathon training.  I am excited to get back on a plan instead of making things up as I go and hoping the hard work will actually get me to the starting line in Boston next year.  

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