Sunday, May 5, 2013

The big 5-O

Well, another good week of training is in the books and I set a bit of a milestone in the process.  This was my first 50 mile week since before Chicago last fall.  Last December I came really close to hitting the 50 mile mark, but ended up getting injured with the peroneal issue just beforehand.  This spring I've finally been able to slowly (maybe not slowly enough) get back to a reasonable mileage, and after the another solid week I rounded out at 52 miles for the week.

So what does that mean?  Well, that means I am ready to start the official marathon training plan that will put me ready to run in the beginning of September.  And where would that be? Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Oh yeah. You know that destination race that everyone is clamoring for. In reality it's supposed to be flat and fast and if I put up a qualifying time I could run Boston in the spring.  That would be ideal.

Of course a guy still needs his outs.  An early September race means I could potentially be ready for a late November/early December marathon.  After putting all my eggs in the Chicago basket last year and spectacularly breaking my collarbone mid-training it will be nice to have some options this year.  My eyes are set on either Richmond late November of California International early December.

No matter what I choose I'm excited to start the official training plan this week.  Had a great long run today, covering 15 miles in 1:55, which was way faster than I anticipated.  Got a relay race this weekend that I'm looking forward to.  I'm tempted to call this the official start to the season.  Lots of miles and races in the foreseeable future and that has me excited! 

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