Monday, November 9, 2009

Fishy, fishy, fisheee!!

I've been to the pool so much in the first week of November that I'm starting to get that permanent chlorine scent that doesn't wash off no matter how long I shower. In the first 9 days I have gotten in 7 pool workouts for a total of 16,300 yards. I've had full months with less yardage than that.

Is it helping? I don't know it may be too early to tell, but I'm starting to feel some things coming around. I read somewhere once that when you change something, whether its a swim stroke, golf swing, or running gait, it takes a minimum of six sessions with the change before it is integrated into muscle memory. So correcting bad habits may take awhile, and I have the distinct disadvantage of trying to change several aspect of stroke and that itself diminishes the returns. Am I doomed? I don't think so. I am persistent and that's half the battle. Replacing old bad habits with new good ones is the tricky part.

The good news is that I'm not getting bored. The workouts are varied enough that my time flies by and overall they've been enjoyable, except for the kickset from Hell on Friday. I'll die a happy man if I never do that workout again.

On the injury front the hip feels good, but then again it felt good last Thursday when I last went for a run and came hobbling home 3 miles later. I will continue to rest this week and contemplate a test run this weekend. It's too bad really because the weather will remain nice all week. I won't even be able to ride because there just isn't enough light after work gets over. It's a good thing I tripled dipped the rides over the weekend while it was 70 degrees out and got my fix for awhile.

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  1. Neal, I'm not in your league but I still manage to get in 15 miles of biking a day and even a little lifting. So, when's the date of the big IM? You going to make it out to the Bay Area anytime soon? Good luck brother!