Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Mundane

Well, I haven't posted about anything in well over a week and that's not quite like me. But what can I say, things have been pretty uneventful around these parts so you should probably assume that no news is good news. There have been no major disturbances in the training schedule and my hip is giving me zero issues so it's all good.

So here is a rundown of some entirely mundane events that have occurred since the last post:

I had my first shorts and tee-shirt run (sweet, it's spring!)

I had by first outdoor ride in shorts (sweet, it was summerish for a day!)

Less than 24 hours after said ride we got a few inches of snow (suckage, winter's back!)

Said snowstorm left things covered in ice making the following morning's 10 miler quite treacherous (Grrrr!)

By the next day the snow had melted and I ran in shorts again (ok last weather related topic I swear)

My tri group substituted in a 50 minute core workout since the pool was closed (That was 4 days ago and I'm still sore!!)

I put ugly blue tires on my tri bike (They were 15 bucks cheaper than black ones)

I found out my 6 mile commute to work takes twice as long on a bike as it does in a car (and my new lights work awesome!)

I worked some ridiculously long hours this week (but it was also a recovery week so I couldn't have asked for better timing)

I nearly accidentally ran a sub-20 minute 5k during a 4 mile training run today (Fan-Friggin-Tastic!)

I'm still determining whether or not ice cream has enough protein in it to constitute viable recovery nutrition (more testing necessary)


  1. Ice cream most certainly is a recovery food. Especially if it's chocolate. and has marshmallows or crushed oreos on it.

  2. Blue is cool and yes, ice cream is a recovery food! Workouts are lokking good even when in recovery mode.