Monday, March 15, 2010

Who's afraid of the ironman swim?

Not this guy, that's for sure. Last Friday I decided to take a different approach to my swim workout. I had missed a session the night before due to work so I decided when I got there to swim until a) I completely wore myself out, b) hurt something, c) had a complete breakdown in form or d) went completely insane from boredom.

After awhile I started to feel a little twinge in my left elbow so I called it a day at 4500 yds. I think I was rapidly approaching scenario d as well so it was probably a good thing I called it when I did. Other than that things felt great! It was easily my longest continuous swim ever and after the fact I realized it was further than the Ironman distance of 4224 yds.

Now granted I didn't do the swim in close proximity of 2000 of my best friends and I got that brief second of rest at the wall every lap, but I'm still pretty happy with the feat at this point in the season.

On another note we hit 50 degrees over the weekend and that meant that I got outside for my first ride! It was cold and my head froze, but I was nice to get off the trainer for a bit. More nice weather is in store the rest of the week so I am hoping to hit the road a few more times before the next cold spell hits!

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