Monday, May 31, 2010

Bye, Bye May

So a few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I thought my number of long training rides had been lacking leading up to my HIM in 2 weeks. Well, since that post I think I have remedied the situation by spending a lot of time in the saddle, especially this weekend.

We had some gorgeous weather here so that made the decision to get on the bike that much easier. Saturday's ride was an 80 miler that I only enjoyed maybe 40 miles of. The official plan was to be out the door by 7 in the morning so I would finish up at 11, just as the winds were starting to pick up. Well, I was lazy and possibly sleeping off a little bit of a hangover so my day didn't get started until around 9 instead. This meant I was fighting a headwind the almost the entire way back and it thoroughly trashed my legs. I literally was running on empty by the time I made it home. I was supposed to run later in the afternoon, but even after a solid nap my legs wanted nothing to do with it so I bailed and ran Sunday morning instead.

Sunday afternoon was a relaxing one. We had a family golf outing and grill-out, which was a lot of fun, despite my poor golf game. I never realized how good of a core workout golfing 18 holes was. Man, I was sore this morning!

I took another ride this afternoon, this time a 70 miler. I settled on the 70 miles because that would put me at over 600 for the month of May, a feat I have only done once before. The ride itself was so much better than Saturday's. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and spent some time exploring a few new roads. New scenery sure does make the time pass quickly. And, in contrast to the Saturday ride, I had plenty of juice left in the tank to push it hard the last 20 miles home.

There's nothing quite like a solid training weekend to get the confidence soaring for the upcoming HIM. Now that I sit back and think about it, it has been a pretty solid month of training. Here's what my totals look like:

Bike:30h 41m 26s - 601.07 Mi
Run:13h 47m 03s - 107.68 Mi
Swim:10h 56m 43s - 37486.81 Yd

The taper has started for the run and in another week I will be in full-on taper mode as I get ready for Liberty. I am really looking forward to this race because right now I feel that I will go under 5 hours at that one. It's really just a matter of how far under.

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