Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'ts Beginning to Feel Like Tri Season!

I know I have already completed a tri this season, but after coming back to some very April-like weather it hadn't really started feeling like tri season yet. Well, the weather has turned around and I have a race in 5 days.

I've managed to get in some good quality training the last week. And not just quality, but the long stuff I need to get in to build my confidence for the upcoming HIM. Both my long run (13 miles) and long ride (65 miles) went off without a hitch and I felt great both during and afterward. All my other workouts went well too, and I even got in a little more open water practice during our last group workout of the year.

I'm not sure exactly how I am going to attack training this weekend though. I have a sprint tri on Sunday. I really don't want to do my long ride on Saturday as scheduled, but we shall see. Perhaps I do a shorter ride and run and then tack on some bonus bike mileage Sunday after the race. I'm sure I'll figure something out.

The weather is going to be warm Sunday, a high of 87, but with the 8am start and the shortness of the course I should miss the majority of it. Not sure if I should set any goals for Sunday or not, but after looking at last year's time I think I could feasibly shave off 1-2 minutes, maybe more if everything comes together. The good news is, I'm feeling strong in all 3 events right now, which greatly improves the odds of things going well.

For now, I'm just happy the sun is out and there are plenty of races around the corner!

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  1. Looks like you are ready to roll for Sunday!! Good luck and reducing mileage Saturday and therefore so a little more Sunday after the race sounds good to me!