Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Progress. It's seems like so long since I've seen any semblance of progress in the running department. Sidelined by bursitis since the beginning of November, the weeks ticked by with little perceivable improvement. Well all that has changed in the last few weeks.

Lately, I have managed a few test runs with no irritation. The doctor gave me the green light to start on a run/walk progression. Today was a particularly great run and I have had to forcibly make myself adhere to the run/walk plan outlined by doctor. I'm sore, but not anywhere near the area of the injured hip. Having to recondition these running muscle is going to suck, but I've got plenty of time to do it.

Part of the plan is also keep to the treadmill, which I absolutely abhore (not to be confused with adore). Although I may be violating that rule when I head to California on vacation in a couple of days. Trails there will be calling my name with their siren call and I doubt I will be able to resist.

After vacation it will be time to get serious about this whole training thing. Official ironman training will kick in around Feb 1. Once I get a training plan written up (seems like a good use of my time on the flight) that date will get firmed up. I'm excited to get training again. It's been a long off season, and a much lazier one than I ever anticipated


  1. Year for the running! Take it slow and I bet it will be fine for your training!

  2. Great to read that your are feeling better. Take it easy and enjoy the time in California.